Re: gnome-terminal not correctly logging exits

> 	  I noticed a problem with gnome-terminal not correctly keeping
> track of when a user closes the gnome-terminal window. As a result, if I'm
> logged in as root or my normal user account and use a gnome-terminal and I
> do a finger command it correctly shows one login for every gnome-terminal
> opened. However, once I logoff and I finger the just logged-off account it
> says "Never logged in." If I logon remotely via telnet then the last login
> time is correctly recorded.
> 	  I noticed that gnome-terminal has command line options (among
> others): --login, --utmp, and --wtmp. I can seem to figure out exactly
> what these command line options do. They don't seem to fix the problem
> mentioned above.

I need someone to look at the finger code and see what finger does to
find out whether you have logged in or not.

I do not know what is making finger believe that the user did not log

Any help is appreciated,

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