gnome-terminal not correctly logging exits

	I noticed a problem with gnome-terminal not correctly keeping
track of when a user closes the gnome-terminal window. As a result, if I'm
logged in as root or my normal user account and use a gnome-terminal and I
do a finger command it correctly shows one login for every gnome-terminal
opened. However, once I logoff and I finger the just logged-off account it
says "Never logged in." If I logon remotely via telnet then the last login
time is correctly recorded.
	I noticed that gnome-terminal has command line options (among
others): --login, --utmp, and --wtmp. I can seem to figure out exactly
what these command line options do. They don't seem to fix the problem
mentioned above.
	I've also been told to make gnome-pty-helper SUID root which I
did. My gnome-pty-helper is also SGID utmp (it was like this on
installation) as well. This didn't fix my problem either.
	I'm running Red Hat 6.0 (kernel 2.2.5-22) with the GNOME RPM
updates released on July 28, 1999. Also related are the installed updates
for dev, rxvt, and screen (released June 16, 1999) and utempter (released
June 10, 1999).
	I would appreciate any help anyone could offer on this problem. I
realize this isn't a major problem but I really would like to get it
working so that the last login time is correctly reported in the finger
information when a user is using the gnome-terminal.

Jon M. Hanson (
World wide web:

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