Re: Window focus problems

Hi Loren,

Just install the last RPM version of Enlightenment
(, and it will work as expected.


Loren Nozot a écrit (12.8.1999):
> I am having trouble changing focus by clicking the application window on
> the menu bar.  On a rawhide installation I am able to click on the
> window and it will pop to the top.  On my rh 6.0 system it does not come
> to the top of the focus.
> I have checked the settings on both systems and they seem to be the same
> but the focus works different the two systems.  I have upgraded the
> packages for rh 6.0 but it has not made a change for this problem.
> It there a setting somewhere else that I've missed?
> Thanks!
> Loren
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