Re: GNOME Usability Improvements - Fix the window manager!

> The way Windows does it IS wrong as you can see. Nothing else.

A blue screen for anything of obviously wrong, I don't even like the
blue screen for a Linux install.

> Before you can drive a car you have to learn the traffic rules.
We learn traffic rules for the common good because a car is a
potentially deadly instrument. This is a computer that runs Netscape and
WordPerfect. I shouldn't be able to kill anyone by ejecting my CD at the
wrong time.
Traffic rules are more like a protocol between computers, the operation
of a car is much less complex than the traffic rules.

> Before I open the CDROM I have to learn to umount them 
Why do I have to learn umount?  Why can't I just drag it somewhere, say
"Eject CD" to my computer or press the eject button.  It's our
responsibility as developers to hide things like umount and autofs from
end-users.  I can always pull a console up if I want to type commands,
Bill says pointing and clicking is more fun.

> Nothing more.
Nothing Less.  ;-)


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