Re: UI suggestion: gnome-dock

"James M. Cape" wrote:
> Daniel Serodio wrote:
> >
> >         I just noticed that you can't change the order of gnome-dock toolbars. For
> > example, in Netscape, you have 3 toolbars in the top. You can drag the top one
> > below the second and it will stay there. In AbiWord, we have 3 bars on the
> > top, but if you drag the menu to below the toolbar, for instance, it won't
> > stay there. (sorry if that's a little confuse)
> >         Don't you guys think we should be able to do it? Also, there was some
> > discussion on the list some time ago about docking the toolbar beside the
> > menubar for instance, or docking 2 menubars on the same row (like you can on
> > M$ Word). What do you think?
> Ok, but the GNOME toolbars are huge. In MS products, the toolbar buttons
> are pretty small, and can fit on the same line as a menubar because of
> this. in GNOME, the toolbars are much bigger, and would cause a huge
> gap. As others have said, it is possible to do this, I just question the
> value of it.

	That's true about mixing menubars with toolbars, but what about 2 toolbars?
And what about changing their order?

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