Re: GNOME upgrade

The installation of GNOME is very very easy and not as complicated as
eveeryone makes it out to be. The main package:

Imlib - Graphic rendering stuff (needs the libjpeg, libpng and all those
graphic stuff)
ORBit - the CORBA stuff (no dependencies)
gnome-libs - equivelant to kdelibs - no applications, depends on ORBit
(except for imlib I believe) the base
gnome-core -  provides the main gnome stuff - the applets, the panel, the
name-server, gnome-terminal etc etc This may say it has a dependency for
enlightenment, but it doesn't (i.e. --nodep it)

All the below need the gnome-libs and gnome-core stuff and are OPTIONAL :)
gnome-xml - XML implementation stuff (good idea to install this) a.k.a
gnome-http - some HTTP stuff (Good idea to install this) a.k.a. libghttp

Some of the below may need gnome-xml or gnome-http - not sure which:
gnome-utils - some miscellanious utilities like gHEX and other tidbits
gnome-pim - The calender and time tracking tools
gnome-network - gnome-PPP and some other stuff which I've never used
gedit - a nifty notepad like thingy
xchat - A very nice IRC client
gnorpm - A front-end to the RPM packagment system (deffinately needs
gnome-xml and gnome-http)
gnomeicu - An ICQ clone for GNOME
gftp - A very nice FTP client for GNOME (needs gnome-http and gnome-xml I

All the stuff at the bottom - I can upgrade (rpm -Uvh) with /NO/ problems.
I can also rpm -Uvh gnome-libs, gnome-core, and ORBit /VERY/ easily (I get
no problems except with gnome-core cos I don't have an RPM enlightenment
installed). You may have /SOME/ problems with gnome-xml and gnome-http I
use 1.4.0 (for libxml) and 1.0.2 for libghttp and everything is fine though
:) Any problems ask on the list

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