Re: GNOME upgrade

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Ali Abdin wrote:

> gnome-libs - equivelant to kdelibs - no applications, depends on ORBit
> (except for imlib I believe) the base

These are all the dependencies of gnome-libs if you are RPMing it on a
system with a good foundation of gnu stuff.  However try compiling on an
older system, or anything non-linux or bsd, I think you'll find the
dependency list grows.

I personally have no problems, but then again I am working on mostly RH 
5.2 and 6.0 machines.  But I get lots of emails from people with other
systems, who want to install my software, but need to install gnome-libs
first and are having problems.

Are there guides for getting gnome up and running on non-rpm and non-gnu
systems?  It would be nice if I could point these people someplace and not
try and figure things out over email.  The stuff at is ok, but not the greatest.

What would be helpful (at least to me) would be some guides to getting
_just_ gnome-libs installed.  While the many package system may have lots
of advantages over a single package install, the fact is, is it still
scares away people.  If they could get gnome-libs installed, adn then get
hooked on all of the great gnome apps, i think you would find you would
have more converts.

just some thoughts.

Christopher Rogers

Spice World does not contain a final, bloody shootout involving the
	Girls, much to my dismay.	-Paul Tatara (CNN)

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