Re: Call for constructive user criticism.

On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Kent Perrier wrote:
> I would just like it if gnome didn't leave core files in my home
> directory.  Once the
> problems that cause this are fixed, then UI improvements should be
> undertaken.

The core files were 95% because anytime Gtk lost the X connection it used
to call abort(), resulting in a core dump. So if you exit X, all the apps
lose their connection and you get the big pile o' core. This is fixed in
the most recent Gtk 1.2.x release, I believe. It's not indicative of
application bugs.

The other 5% of the core is just bugs, and yes we're fixing those. :-)
(You can always ulimit -c to restrict corefile size to 0 if you simply
don't want to see corefiles.)


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