Re: GNOME Usability Improvements - Fix the window manager!

+++ Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 02:54:53PM -0400 +++
jack wallen, jr e-mails me. Film at 11. Reply right now, after the break.
> as a *user* of gnome here's what i think is necessary for Gnome (remember
> this is an opinion ;-) ):
> Applications/Applets:
> 	Office Suite 

Someone needs to code it. An office suite is a major effort. Millions
of lines of code, that is.

> 	Easier to use dial up control

Just *how* much easier do you want it to get? You've got gnome-ppp and
the Modem Lights applet, what's the problem?

> 	More simplistic mount/unmout of removable media

Same question: how much easier do you want it? You can use desktop
icons or the mount applet.

> 	E-mail client capable of the configuration abilities of, say, Pine


> 	Better networking interface (akin, but better, than Network
> 		Neighborhood)

Hm. You know that gmc can do pretty much regarding networks?

> UI:
> 	Ability for normal user to edit menu entries

Impossible. The best thing we could do were to copy the entire
system menu over to the home directory and have it edited there. But
then upgrades to the system menu's wouldn't reach you any more.

> 	Printer control in Control Center

Be more specific.

> 	Preview button actually do something in Control Center's theme
> 		selector

Window manager issue. Let me guess, you use Enlightenment from CVS?
It works fine for me with Window Maker. At least I think that's the

> System:
> 	Friendlier upgradability

Distribution issue.

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