Re: mounting/unmounting devices for newbies


> the disk again, linux gets all p'd off. Then I can't unmount
> the disk withought putting the first disk in... seems like it'd
> be good if you could just say "no, I don't care that you don't see it,
> unmount it, damn it!" This way a request to the floppy drive would be


Is there any reason why if all the criteria for unmounting are met, no one's
using the fs and all cached data has been written (am I missing any?) that you
couldn't unmount the disk without having the disk in the drive.  Maybe I've
missed a correctly dismounted flag on the disk?  What about adding this
capability just to VFAT and FAT16 disks, leaving ext2 alone?

Ben, I suggest you use autofs.  You can set it to auto-mount the fs on access
and auto-unmount a drive after 1 second of inactivity (you still have to meet
the unmount qualifications that I listed before).  Only do this on a floppy
though.  You'll have problems if you try setting cdroms to unmount that fast.
I have my floppy, cdrom, and zip drive auto-unmount after 30 seconds.  I'm not
in so big a hurry I can't wait that long.

I'll say this again.  autofs and automounter need to have some configuration
tools.  Common things like floppy and cdrom should be configured during
installation of Linux.


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