undefined symbol: --bzero

Hi Guys,
        My name is Hamish Tree and I am new to this list, so I would
firstly like to say hello to everyone and especially to the developers
of Gnome & Enlightenment. You guys are rocking the Gnu world! :-)

I am also very new to Linux, however I enjoy it so much, that I only
wish I had the technical skills to use it more effectively. I'm afraid I
still need to lean on Bill for support in my everyday online work, due
to the fact that my attempts to configure PPP in Linux, have so far been
decidedly unsuccessful.

Ok, enough introduction. I can hear all the programmers on this list
muttering under their breath already. I know you guys like dealing in
straight facts.

So, here's my problem. I recently downloaded the entire user rpm suite
for Gnome 1.x, as updated by Red Hat Labs on April 14th. I also
installed X-Screensaver, Guile and UMB-Scheme from my Red Hat 5.2 CD. I
have tried numerous times to install Gnome/Enlightenment over the past
few days, using both 'rpm -Uvh *rpm' & 'Glint' under X. Both techniques
produce the same results.

Enlightenment seems to be running ok, however all of the desktop icons,
which were working in earlier 0.15x releases are absent and I have been
unable to bring them up with 'Cntrl+Alt+C or B'. Also when I try to
execute the Gnome Panel, Editor, GMC etc, I receive the following error;

Error in loading shared libraries:/usr/lib/libIIOP.so.0: undefined
symbol: --bzero

I have tried verifying different libraries using GnomeRPM, but as far as
I can see, everything seems to be ok. I have re-installed Linux as a
'Workstation', a 'Server' and a 'Custom' install minus all Gnome related
libraries. All variations produce the identical error.

Does anybody recognize this problem? I have searched extensively
throughout the various news group databases and Gnome Mailing List
archives, but apparently I am the only person in the world who has this

I have re-installed Linux 11 times in the past three days and to say the
least, I am starting to get a little frustrated.

Thank you very much in advance for any help I may receive.




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