Re: No Task bar or left mouse

The mouse works in apps. and thanks Jason that config helps.  I think I have
a better grip on the problem now.  In all user profiles enlighten starts
using "startx" and the backgrong comes up. The thing I'm missing is the
panel and the file maneger does not start unless I use the center mouse to
open a menu and start file manager and then run panel. and even with that
log out does not work. I have to use ctr, alt,home to get out.

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>On 23-Apr-99 Ken Marin typed:
>> Hi,
>> I'm running Gnome1.0 on a RH5.2 with a PII233.  It seems to partially
>> work.  There is no task bar
>        we call it a 'panel'. how are you running gnome? do you run
>'gnome-session' or 'panel' in your ~/.xinitrc (or other file)?
>if not try it. else run an xterm (should be the top choice in the second
>submenu of your middle click menu) and run 'panel' and output the errors to
>file and submit them.
>> and the left and right mouse buttons dont
>> work. It is a 3 button Logitech with the center button being a wheel.
>> It all worked fine in X.  When it first loaded it was only a grey screen
>> and the center click on the mouse gave a menu to configure but it seems
>> to be really limited.  The vid card is a Diamond 2000.  Could the mouse
>> be conflicting?  I tried what was said on the help page ( del. the
>> sessions  and reinstalling the core) but it looks the same.  Any
>> pointers would be great. Thanks
>how do you know the mouse doesn't work? are you talking about clicking on
>background and nothing happening (nothing should happen, btw)? choose an
>on that menu (like xterm) with the left and it should work. here's the
>section of my XF86Config file (i use a logitech wheel mouse and RH5.2).
>should look like this.
>Section "Pointer"
>   Protocol        "IMPS/2"
>   Device          "/dev/mouse"
>   Resolution      100
>   Buttons         5
>   ZAxisMapping    4 5
>the 'Buttons' and 'ZAxisMapping' parts make it use the wheel (but in most
>you still need something like imwheel to get it to do anything).
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