Re: Localization doesn't work

Tomas Ogren wrote:
> On 19 April, 1999 - Drazen Kacar sent me these 0,9K bytes:

> > Check for libintl.a in the logical places, such as $prefix/lib and
> > whatever $LDFLAGS specify. Then use some check to verify that it really
> > is GNU libintl.a.
> > 
> > Then add it to the list of libraries when linking. You don't want to use
> > GNU, because that would probably make things even worse.
> > 
> > If it wasn't GNU libintl.a, don't do a thing.
> The problem is, configure will find out that I have gettext() in my
> libc, no need to link in more stuff... But then I have the GNU msgfmt
> etc in the path, and they don't have the same format..

Configure is not a holly cow. And it manages to identify the system
as sparc-sun-solaris2.x. Whoever decided that GNU gettext must be
used had to ensure that configure finds GNU libintl. Otherwise, what's
the point of using configure scripts in the first place?

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