ORBit and CVS

  Could use a tip on using CVS with ORBit. Just saw the new release message
about gnome-libs/ORBit and just had to head off and get them :-) Anyway I
did the old 'cvs ... update -Pd ORBit' (I'd already previously used the
-r FOR_PANEL when I first checked it out) and after the update I still
had 4.2. Moved my source out of the way and then did a fresh checkout
without the '-r FOR_PANEL' and then got 4.3. I had this same problem with
4.1 -> 4.2, I'd seen 4.2 was released and everybody was talking about it
yet everytime I tried to get it I kept getting 4.1, finally 2 or 3 days
after the release I somehow automagically got 4.2.
  Now that I got 4.3 with a fresh checkout I'm a little leery of using it
since the last time I used ORBit without a '-r FOR_PANEL' I wound up with
a running but invisible panel.
  Guess my question is what is the proper way to get the latest ORBit, when 
is the '-r FOR_PANEL' needed or not needed, etc.

  Thanks !

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