Background-props problems and suggestions

(Gnome 0.30, RH5.1 + updates)

Suggestion for the background-properties developer(s):

It would be nice to be able to choose no background color at all.
Sometimes the user has a background picture or maybe the windowmanager
supplies a background (like enlightenment does).

I guess that I can run the gnome panel and background-properties --init
before my windowmanager or xv or whatever. But since gnome is about
getting a user-friendly desktop, I think that a checkbox in the
background-properties would be a lot nicer =)

Does the screensaver work for anyone? The screensaver works once, then
the next time it is supposed to show up, the screen gets black and a
yellow text explains that "keyboard could not be grabbed". I have
xscreensaver-2.16 and xlockmore-4.09.

When using DPMS it would be nice to be able to set the time when the
monitor will be shut off. Example: I want the screensaver to come in
after 5 minutes and then after 15 minutes idle time the monitor would be
shut down to power saving mode.


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