RE: gnome-terminal idea

When you talked about that, are you thinking of a CORBA object that wait for
programs to register into it (Aplication name, Doc, Name)
That way we have something similar to what BeOS does (close to that scheme)

Is it possible ? (yes, i'm sure, but it implies a lot of work to update the
appsS$$ ... or when the panel run something, register it to that object ...

PS: If i am dreaming, please ignore ...   :-)

Joachim 'Yolk' Thuau
      (6 6)
Big brother is watching you !!

> I think the BeOS again has a much better UI in this area also. They
> have a 'taskbar' but they list items by application horizontally, and
> then by full document name after you click. As it turns out, Nextstep
> 4.1 alpha did this first though.
> For example, in fvwm, or in Windows95, if you open several web pages
> in netscape, all of the taskbar buttons basically have a netscape icon
> and a few letters. In BeOS, the taskbar buttons list the application
> names (whether it is one copy of the application, or many copies of
> the application running in different address spaces). When you click
> on the button, it opens a menu going up from the taskbar which lists
> all the document names. Because the document names are arranged
> vertically, it can include the FULL name of the document.
> Ex:
>           _______________________________________________
>          | AltaVista: Main Page                          |
>          | Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters. |
>          | 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.                        |
> _________|_______________________________________________|___________
> <start>  | Netscape   |  xterm   |                           12:00pm |
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>                |
>                +- here we clicked on Netscape..

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