Re: gnome-terminal idea

On Wed, Sep 23, 1998 at 01:41:36PM -0700, David Jeske wrote:
> I'd prefer the window manager supported method over a single-address
> space GNOME notebook because the window manager solution would be: (a)
> more stable, (b) allow me to doc non-homogenous windows together.

however we are not writing a windowmanager ...

> The GNOME notebook starts to have advantages as it starts to replace
> the window manager for docking together all views. For example, I'd
> prefer an interface where error dialogs always come up in a 'common'
> area, and are handled by my preferred error UI module. This is
> something window managers can't easily do, but a GNOME/corba UI
> solution could. In the case of this specific example, imagine if every
> time any app ever signaled an error, a window would pop up, and then
> slide off into the 'error log'. If you wanted to just ignore it, you
> could. If you wanted to deal with it, you could. If there was an
> action to optionally be taken on the error, you could click on it. If
> you hate errors, you could minimize the 'error region' down to just a
> little flashing light. Not surprisingly, this conecpt is alot like the
> Emacs style interface that people have discussed before.

no need for corba here ... actually I can't remember exactly but wasn't
framework for some of this in there? error boxes could be optionally just
displayed on the status line and maybe some other "error indicator" turned

> For example, in fvwm, or in Windows95, if you open several web pages
> in netscape, all of the taskbar buttons basically have a netscape icon
> and a few letters. In BeOS, the taskbar buttons list the application
> names (whether it is one copy of the application, or many copies of
> the application running in different address spaces). When you click
> on the button, it opens a menu going up from the taskbar which lists
> all the document names. Because the document names are arranged
> vertically, it can include the FULL name of the document.

again .. this is a WM issue ... gnome can include "hints" for this if needed,
but we shouldn't limit notebook style mdi to that type of window manager


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