Re: gnome-terminal idea

Jens Lautenbacher wrote:
> Tim Moore <> writes:
> > > if I want to tile one next to the other, I just pull out the notebook
> > > tab, drop it on the root window, and voila ... I have a new topleve
> > > window
> >
> > Oh, that's kinda cool. I didn't know you could do that. But it doesn't
> > work in gEdit or gTop (at least not on my 0.27-0.28 GNOME installation).
> > Is this a recent innovation, or do I need to use another app to see
> > that?
> gedit is actually quite a poor example to demonstrate gnomeness as it
> makes everything different... it doesn't use gnomemdi as far as I
> know, it doesn't use preferences the same way as every other gnome app
> does and so on...
> A nice example for gnome-mdi is ghex.

Thanks. I have one gripe about the notebook-dragging feature. I should
be able to drag it anywhere, not just to the root window, which for me
is ususally covered with something.


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