FAQ release! Need help!

I am done with the writing stage of the FAQ, v1.  It's weighing in at 20
or so pages, but would really be closer to 30 if it weren't for all of the
"(FIXME: I don't know anything about this)" comments littered about.
I'm pretty happy with how well it has come, although it has taken
too long.

Now it is time to proof-read and clean up the FIXMEs.  For this, I need
your help.

I have included FIXME's where I need to put a link from one part of the
FAQ to another.  I do not need help with these; I will clean these up
at release time.

On all other FIXME's, though, I need help!  Please download a copy of the
draft FAQ as it now stands and read it over.  Then, submit fixes for any
area which you have knowledge of!  Additionally, fixes for any mistakes,
spelling or grammatical errors, etc., are always greatly appreciated.

The new FAQ says, but I would like to reiterate, that it would be best if,
in all FAQ mail, you have the following at the beginning of your subject


all caps, followed by a colon and a space.  This makes it easy for me to
pick out FAQ mail and deal with it more reliably.

You can find the FAQ at the following URL:


I have available ASCII, DVI, Postscript, SGML, and LyX formats in
addition to the HTML.

Help GNOME be successful!  Improve the S/N ratio on gnome-list!  Do your
part and submit an FAQ fix today!

(FYI, v1 will be the last SGMLtools/LinuxDoc version of the FAQ.  As soon
as I can get this one released, I will be switching it to DocBook.)

Todd Graham Lewis            3249'N,8336'W          (800) 719-4664, x2804
******Linux******         MindSpring Enterprises      tlewis@mindspring.net

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