theme apology

Sorry, figured it out.

Anybody else having trouble?

Compile and install regular gtk+, then compile and install the gtk+ that comes with themes-2. It's the one that works with themes.

comment out lines 30 and 31 in {themes-2-src-directory}/themes/
(line with AM_PATH_GDK_IMLIB, and line following)
./ {whatever you normally put here}
make install

make a symbolic link from {gnome-directory}/share/gtkrc to {gnome-directory}/share/gtk/themes/pixmap/gtkrcr, if you want pixmaps, and who wouldn't (thanks, raster!)

add line to .../pixmaps/gtkrc:
pixmap_path "{gnome-path}/share/gtk/themes/pixmap/"

restart panel

Sorry if I'm duplicating effort, but I couldn't find any guides to doing this. I know, it's a moving target, and who has time to write docs? Am I just imagining things, or am I a nuisance? :)


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