Re: db library on Solaris??

In message <>, "Andrew S. Townley" wri
| db_open() or dbopen().
| What is this library?  Where do I get it?

The Berkeley DB library.  You'll find it

| (*hint*, *hint*).  I didn't see anything.  Also, I did see some stuff  
| about esound working on Solaris, but I didn't see the original  
| messages.  Can someone point me to some relevant info?

The README with esound notes Solaris code is present but "untested".  It's 
been working fine here, though.  Its esdplay utility won't built without the 
audiofile libraries, though, and there are some portability issues with 
respect to Solaris 2.5.1 and earlier (patches have appeared which fix Solaris, 
but look like they could potentially cause problems on other platforms because 
they assume the sizes of C types are fixed across all platforms).  audiofile 
will at least work on Solaris now.

I did put out a patch last week for a small problem that had crept into the 
configure script.  That patch also has been integrated.  esound should build 
right out of CVS on Solaris at the current time with the usual autoconf stuff.

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