Re: BOB: GNOME Word Processor Efforts

>>>>> "O" == Olof Oberg <> writes:

O> Personally I think it might be possible to do it, but I think 
O> it will be better to build something new only targetting word 
O> processing. It will be easier to coordinate the work too 
O> without having to consider the wishes of the 'editor' people 
O> working on Emacs.

It's also the case that RMS is already working on including WP
features in Emacs, and interested parties can contact him.  People who
want to go a different route can do so.

Word processors are, IMHO, as personal as text editors.  Everyone has
different tastes.  If we could come up with some reasonably decent
interchange format (and the first person suggesting RTF gets shot) we
could all use different ones and still be productive.  

Alan Shutko <> - By consent of the corrupted
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