Re: BOB: GNOME Word Processor Efforts

Miguel de Icaza writes:
 > >    If gwp is going to do all the things we need, then I would rather
 > > put our efforts there. 
 > The issue with a project like a word processor is that it is not only
 > a complex program, but also a very big project: there are many things
 > to be done and so far all the work has been done by Seth Alves.
 > I am sure Seth wants to make his word processor the best free word
 > processor available, so you guys just need to help on the coding to
 > get the features you need actually implemented.
      I'm not a coder, but have been looking for a wp so I don't have
to go over to my Windows partition to get manuscripts printed.

      There was a while back considerable discussion and enthusiasm
for either porting one of the wp's that functional (Maxwell or
Pathetic Writer) or rolling a new one.  The perception was that gwp
wasn't as far along in development.  If we were wrong, then we need
to get everything more coordinated.

      All this started, if I remember correctly, when I said to
Reklaw, "Hey, Maxwell's cool; can you port it to Gnome?"

Rebecca Ore 

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