Re: BOB: GNOME Word Processor Efforts

Miguel de Icaza writes:
 > > - take canvaas and expand it to be a document widget.  (Encapsulate it in a
 > > new document widget.)  Add these features:
 > > 	  + page view and document view
 > > 	  + rulers
 > > 	  + print preview
 > Have you looked at how gwp is doing these days before you start
 > designing this?

   If gwp is going to do all the things we need, then I would rather
put our efforts there.  I have just finished a manuscript and now have 
some time after I get adjusted to a new overnight schedule (one
additional overnight and an evening shift).
   I'll put up a summary of the earlier discussion if all hands are
agreeable, then I'll test gwp and compare it to Maxwell and Pathetic
Writer, which are the only wp Linux open source programs I've come
across so far.

   Since my publisher just assured me they could find filters for any
   The critical issue from the users' points of view is document
structuring for searchability.  All our office suites should be able
to import each other's formats.

Rebecca Ore

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