NEW WIDGET. GnomeFontPicker

	I have done a gnome-font-picker, just the same as Federico's
gnome-color-picker but with fonts.
	You can see a screenshow in 
	The source is in and 
allow to compile and try it outside of the gnome-libs source tree.
	I don't know what is the way to get a widget into gnome source tree, so
I send this to the list and wait the right person look at it and, if
he/she agree, include it in GNOME.
	In the tar file there is a modified version of
testgnome that have tests of this new widget.
	It´s based on testgnome in cvs.
	I'd like to know your thoughts about this widget and it´s interface.

P.D.: Excuse me if my English is too bad, It will be better with time.
|David Abilleira Freijeiro | Pontevedra, España        |
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|    (UNED, Mis Programas, Linux, Programación, etc.)  |
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