RE: panel doesn't save setup

Hi Hrafnkell,
	I've had the same problems myself.  All of the session manager stuff seems
to work fine, but it doesn't come back when you restart gnome.

It seems to me that it might be a debian problem.  I assume you are running
Debian, as you run gnome-session in your .xinitrc.  Perhaps the package
maintainer knows something about it.

There is a program which comes with the distribution called save-session,
which I assume is supposed to save the current session.  What it does is
shut down my X session, which is not what I want.  Does the same thing
happen to you?

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> Subject: panel doesn't save setup
> Hi
> I just compiled the basic gnome stuff from CVS and I am running it
> with icewm 0.9.14 with GNOME support enabled.
> If I config the panel (f.x. by adding an applet to it) and then
> exit X (with logout) and restart it the panel comes up without
> my configuration. Same goes for session management. If I exit with
> f.x. GNOME termial running and restart X it doesn't automatically
> restart.
> I've tried removing .gnome* to have a clean setup but it doesn't help.
> My .xinitrc looks like this:
> icewm &
> gnome-session
> Am I doing something wrong or is this maybe a known bug? Or unknown?
>   Hrafnkell
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