Re: Gnome success report, optimized compiling

I used egcs, seems to work fine...


On Sun, 11 Oct 1998, Richard Hult wrote:

> >Have you compiled gimp as such also? It really flies too...
> No, I haven't had the time to compile that big one ;) The linux kernel
> 2.1.125 had higher priority... 
> >I compiled w/ optimizations about a week ago, and I had the same results,
> >I didnt compile with so many, just -06 -mpentium, and it made a big
> >difference compared to -02's speed.
> Hmm... did you use gcc or egcs? I read, after compiling with egcs, that
> it's not a good idea to use > -O2 because of bugs in egcs... it seems to
> work fine though...
> /Richard

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