Re: Windows and DLLs

In a previous message Alan Shutko [] wrote:

> L> Yes, they can!  If both them and I are using the same application,
> L>  If stores system-wide settings in it's user
> L> setup.
> Ok, I understand the problem now.  It's all a matter of permissions.
> Unix has them, Win95 doesn't.  Even if you allow an app to directly
> modify system-wide settings, unless it has permission to modify that
> file, it's not going to be able to.

Well okay. I'll admit that I'm a bit windows corrupted ;-)
(As soon as someone begins to talk about system-wide settings, my first 
reaction is that they are talking about the /windows/ registry. Perhaps I'm 
a bit paranoid... :)

But the problem is still there (but considerably less dangerous) if you use 
the word "System-wide" in this way: saves settings in a common file (not in a system dir, just in a 
shared locaton somewhere). Now John Doe's settings will conflict with mine, 
when I run the same app.
(This might be completely harmless, but it might allso lead to quite nasty 
things, depending on how smart the programmer that made the app was :)
(Application settings is system wide, allthough they doesn't actually has 
something with the system to do.)
Actually, I missunderstood the term "System-wide" that Jochem 
Huhmann<> used, to be of this kind.

(Or, perhaps I didn't. But when I re-reads his letter, I get this creepy 
feeling of having missunderstood something important :-/

// Liss

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