hats off + some snags

Good work, and thanks go out, to all you developers.  Installed 0.30 from
RPMs on RH 5.1; this time all those other gtk apps, *including gimp*, are

Here are some comments, intended to help and not to diminish my
appreciation or bag on anybody's efforts (whew):

* If a submenu title is right-clicked, it's pretty easy to mistakenly hit
  the "Add this as drawer to panel" item (a quick click-and-release does
  it).  Top of that, when you try to remove the resulting drawer (which
  is added in the open position, which is also funky), the panel crashes.
  The only way I've found to get rid of these suckers is to edit

* There are always some buttons that are smaller than their widgets.
  Buttons with text in them often have very little padding around the
  words, which looks a little low-rent, especially when the text is
  off-center by a pixel or two, which also is funny but maybe more of a
  gtk snafu than a gnome snafu.

* Could "this panel properties" include an option for making the panel a
  corner panel?  If I have only three or four applets, I don't need that
  panel stretching all the way across the screen.

* The menu editor is much improved.  Icon picking is cool.  New items are
  all called "untitled.desktop", which you have to change by hand.  The
  explicitness of menu items as files and directories could confuse
  anyway.  Would it make sense to just use the contents of the "Name" 
  field, or some variation thereof, for the filename?


Gregory Fall (gmfall@engin.umich.edu)
University of Michigan  
Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences

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