Re: Windows and DLLs

>>>>> "L" == Liss Svanberg <> writes:

L> In a previous message Alan Shutko [] wrote:

>> System-wide settings: No, these aren't so John and Jane Doe can
>> break your things without hacking your account. 

L> Yes, they can!  If both them and I are using the same application,
L>  If stores system-wide settings in it's user
L> setup. 

Ok, I understand the problem now.  It's all a matter of permissions.
Unix has them, Win95 doesn't.  Even if you allow an app to directly
modify system-wide settings, unless it has permission to modify that
file, it's not going to be able to.

So don't worry on this one, it's a long-solved problem.

Alan Shutko <> - By consent of the corrupted
Anyone stupid enough to be caught by the police is probably guilty.

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