There are a few oddities surrounding argp.h

Number 1:

In macros/gnome-support.m4, there is a test for argp.h.  It always fails
on my machine.  I've tried hacking it, but I can't get it to work.  The
macro responsible is this:

  # We check for argp_domain because we use it, and it appears only in
  # very recent versions of the argp library.
  AC_CACHE_CHECK([for working argp code], gnome_cv_argp, [
    AC_TRY_COMPILE([#include <argp.h>], [
        struct argp foo;
 extern char *foo2;
 foo.argp_domain = foo2;],

I can type in the code manually, and gcc doesn't complain (at the
compile stage, anyway.  When linking, you need to declare foo2)

Number 2:

gtkicq/src/applet.h depends on argp.h being included.  gtkicq doesn't
include it itself.  I manually included argp.h (I put it in
src/gtkicq.h), and it compiled ok.  Is one of the gnome headers supposed
to include it?

Are problems 1&2 related?

sidenote: gtkicq doesn't seem to pass the right parameters to
gnome_init.  I just nuked the last time parameters.

Andrew Clausen

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