Re: `cvs' version problem? (was Re: CVS compilation problems...)

John R Sheets wrote:

> Raja R Harinath wrote:
> > Anything that puts one or more of macros/, intl/, or libvfs/ at the same
> > level as gnome-libs is wrong.
> I'm running cvs 1.9 from rpm, and I've noticed that it seems to act a little
> inconsistent about which level it tries to put macros/ etc in, depending on
> which module I'm checking out, even with a fresh checkout.  If I recall
> properly, cvs put macros/ in the right place for ee, but not for gnome-libs,
> gnome-network, and maybe a couple other packages.

I upgraded to CVS 1.10 and tried checking out ezpaint into a fresh directory,
like this:

> mkdir tmpcvs
> cd tmpcvs/
> cvs -z3 checkout ezpaint

The directory listing was like this:

> ls
ezpaint/ macros/ intl/

So, it's still not working...  Hmmmmm.


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