Re: Some Problems.

Alexey Kakunin wrote:

> 1) No window title (I had write before)

I am still looking at this one.

> 3) applets from panel don't kills after logout.
> (I am login as root and use panel with applets. Then I make logout and login
> as other user. And when I run top, I see the root's applets in the processes
> list 8-0 )

I think this is from using an older snapshot. Try getting a newer
snapshot, and see if that helps. GNOME usually gets better, not worse.

> 1) Is downloading sources and compile gnome myself better  downloading
> precompiled rpms?
> 2) I have not access to cvs. Can I normally compile source rpms from
> 3) How much disk space needed for compiling Gnome ( I have only about 40 Mb.
> free disk space).

Well, you definitely cannot compile MICO. I would suggest not compiling
it, and just getting the rpms from RedHat. The rpms usually only contain
those programs that build, so you will not be bothered by applications
that are very broken.

> 4) The Gnome is in the developments stage. So, sometimes newest snapshot may
> be is not better snapshot (more unstable then previous) But release of Gnome
> (0.13) is very old. May be it will be better to make Gnome releases often,
> will not it?

The daily RedHat rpms are for this. The snapshots usually get better.

> Also I have some problems, but I don't known, is it bugs or is it features,
> or is it not implemented yet:

> 1) I can not use koi8 fonts with Gnome applications (Gedit for example). It
> is a very big problem for me, because I can not work with russian texts.

I would suggest emailing the gedit maintainers and working with them. :)

> 2) Backgound-properties does not automatically restored in next login.
> For restoring properties I must run background properties and set Apply.
> (I run gnome-session in start of windows session).
> 3) The start of any Gnome application is very slow... (I have Cyrix-200 & 32
> Mb RAM)

Have your session manager run background-properties --init. This is a
workaround until the background properties get better session managment

> Oh, a lot for one letter... :( I used KDE before it, but I want to use Gnome,
> because I use wxWindows library for my work (new version of wxWindows use
> gtk), and because... (see Gnome FAQ). 

Thanks for not mentioning it. :) And thanks for reading the FAQ. Few
people do.

> But now it is very unusable for me. I
> think that without stable working of Base Gnome application (panel, gmc,
> gedit, help-browser) Gnome has not future :(
> I am understand, what it is only alpha versions, but I think, what these
> programs must have high priority in Gnome development. And I want to help in
> it.

Well, dig in and start hacking!

> Also, I has a last question to Gnome developers. Is bug-track base actively
> used? May be I must send all these errors to this bug-track base, not to the
> list?

The GNOME bug tracker is at

M.Watson <>
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