Re: Some Problems.

On Tue, 26 May 1998, Alexey Kakunin wrote:

> 2) I have not access to cvs. Can I normally compile source rpms from 

Why don't you have access to cvs? 

If you are behind a firewall, install  socks-server on the firewall, cvs
run's o.k. using socks.

Any other reason? If you have access to ftp, you should have access to cvs

> 3) How much disk space needed for compiling Gnome ( I have only about 40 Mb. 
> free disk space).

That's not enough :( , gnome-core alone takes that (with the .o files),
and it's only 1 of several modules you need.

esound          gnome-core      gnome-objc      gtk--
CVSROOT         gcalendar       gnome-games     gnome-utils     imlib
ORBit           gcb.tar.gz      gnome-graphics  gnomoney        mc
build           gimp            gnome-libs      gnoom           mico
config          gimp-data-min   gnome-media     gsirc
docs            gnome-admin     gnome-network   gtk+

These dir's take up 300 Megs on my system.

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