Re: WM Question

Matthew> I don't know how anyone can call "You'll have to figure out
Matthew> for yourself what a GNOME-aware window manager means, and
Matthew> don't expect us to help" a good proposal.

There's been at least one proposal for extended window manager hints
posted to the Gnome list.  As far as I can tell this is what the other
wm developers are implementing.  I can find it and forward it to you
if you want it.

To work really well with Gnome, a window manager will have to support
the X Session Management Protocol.  This has been mentioned *many*
times (i.e., every time wms have come up on the Gnome lists) before.

There's documents describing both the protocol and the interface to
libSM on  Or, I can send you the `.ms' versions of both of
these if you prefer.  I'm also willing to try to answer questions that
wm developers might have on XSMP.

Matthew> But then, I didn't really expect much from the GNOME people
Matthew> considering the bias towards Enlightenment.

I don't know where you get your information.  I'm unaware of any
pro-Enlightenment bias.  Maybe you think that because the
Enlightenment developer works on Gnome.  If so, then you've simply
drawn the wrong conclusion.


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