Re: A Proposal For The Addition Of Color-Reactiveness To The GNOME Desktop

On 20 May, Tom Tromey shouted:
->  >>>>> "Raj" == Raj Dutt <> writes:
->  Raj> Firstly, I think putting the responsiblity with the window
->  Raj> manager is a good thing (tm).
->  Why?
->  My first reaction whenever I see a proposal to put something into the
->  wm is to reject it.  My reason is that there are many window managers,
->  and everybody has his own preference.  It's better to keep wm
->  requirements as small as possible, and put extended functionality into
->  a new program.

well how you expect to display this information in the border of a
window, titlebar or in the icon of an iconified window beats me if you
aren't going to use the WM... :) We could clutter up the panel and use
corba and shit.. oh joy! WATCH the bloat as everypone needs to write c++
wrappers for their code just to talk to mico. :)

For some people, like me, the panel is a temporary fix until I get my
buttons, strips and stripjoints up and running in E. Once that happens
It's use will become redundant and it can cease eating up skads of
useful screen realestate. :)

->  Then we have control over the program, and we also don't require a
->  weird setup.
->  Think of it like requiring something to be added to everybody's text
->  editor, or everybody's mail reader.  It just doesn't happen.

Maybe things are changing compared to how thingsa used to be written..
u'll be surprised. 2 WM's already are putting this in - and its less
than 48hrs later :)

->  Tom

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