Re: recently on the WindowMaker list

At 02:33PM on Mon, May 11, 1998, Miguel de Icaza <> sent:
> > I've asked Miguel and other GNOME developers that I see (well,
> > virtually anyway) just about every day exactly what GNOME wants from
> > the window manager, and got no reply.
> I can not remember you asking me this on a daily basis.  I do not
> remember this being the case.

Sorry, my bad typing.  I meant that I see you just about every day on
IRC, and I have asked you in the past when the GNOME <-> window manager
integration subject was first raised exactly what GNOME needed and you
didn't know.  This "I don't know" answer persisted over several months
until I gave up and believed it ;-)

> The best way to make this progress is to join our list and help out in
> the discussion: the wm maintainers are the people who know better this
> business.

I have now subscribed to the gnome-list mailing list, and look forward
to some productive discussion on this issue.

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