recently on the WindowMaker list


this came up on the windowmaker list last weekend. It was a thread about
the gnome aware windowmanager. Perhaps someone with deeper knowledge can
answer this.

It is up to you what you think about the tone of the posting...


P.S.: Sorry for sending twice, but I couldn't find the first version in
the list

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Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 15:29:13 +1000
From: Matthew Hawkins <>
Subject: Re: [WM] Where is WM vs Gnome?

At 02:33AM on Sun, Apr 26, 1998, Martin Baehr <> sent:
> the gnome faq says gnome will require several services from the 
> windowmanager, unfortunaltely they don't say what services those are...
> is there anybody on one of the gnome lists and can give us 
> the answer to this?

We're all interested in making WindowMaker and GNOME interact, however
you've hit your head on the nail with this comment above.  I've asked Miguel
and other GNOME developers that I see (well, virtually anyway) just about
every day exactly what GNOME wants from the window manager, and got no
reply.  The best answer I have gotten in the past - 6? perhaps more - months
is to check the GNOME web pages, and they still show exactly the same
information, that is, nothing.  I even tried reading the GNOME mailing lists
via the web to see if anything had been posted, but they simply reciprocated
the web page.
So I'm of the opinion now that if the GNOME people want WindowMaker to
cooperate with their desktop environment, they can come to us.  We have
better things to do than waste time on wild goose chases for information
that doesn't exist.  I believe we're not the first free software project to
get the cold shoulder from the GNOME developers, and probably won't be the
last.  So they can stick it for all I care right now, they can have their
bloat-swap-crash Enlightenment and bloat-swap-thrash gtk+, and we'll have
our lean, mean WindowMaker machine ;P

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