bug in tearoff menu handling


there is a strange behavior in the menu handling when you change the
docking location of the menu, while the menu is teared off. Try e.g.

1.) start gtt
2.) tear off one of the menubars
3.) click the right mouse button on the 'handle' and change the location
to botton
4.) The menu will be inserted a the button, but with the size of one

The same happens when you tear off both menubars. When changing the
location of one menubar, both menubars are inserted again, but with the
size of 1 pixel. 

There although happens a lot lot of strange things when changing the
menubar position of 2 menus several times in different order.

I don't know if this is gtk+ related. If yes, this bug should probably be
fixed before the official release. If it is gnome related, it is not that

Perhaps you already knew that.


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