Re: Gnome Status Report

>> gnometalk 0.
>> Doesn't compile here...
>> <Should be phased out in favor of gnu/talk>

Should I go ahead and "cvs rm" the source files?  And remove it
entirely from the build?  IMHO there's no point to keeping it around.

Toshio> Is there a maintainer of gnu/talk (and is there work on
Toshio> putting a gnome front-end on it?)

I've heard that someone is working on a Gtk front end, but I don't
know who.  If you're interested, write to the GNU Talk maintainer
(there is one, but again I don't know who -- check a recent disty) and
ask him what's going on.  If you do this, send a report back to the
Gnome list.  I'd like to hear what's happening, too.


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