Re: gnome mdi dnd problem / GnomeUIInfo wrapping problem.

Andreas Kostyrka wrote:

> > > What about a GNOME_UI_INFO_BUILDER_DATA entry? Then all the different
> > > versions of create_menus become obsolete, and the GnomeUIInfo array is
> > > self contained?
> >
> > this seems like a nice idea to me - for both menus and toolbars. and
> > gnome-app-helper.c could easily be patched to do this.
> > each GNOME_UI_INFO_BUILDER_DATA entry's GnomeUIBuilderData structure
> > would be valid until next GNOME_UI_INFO_BUILDER_DATA entry or the end of
> > tree. for entries that arent't preceded by a GNOME_UI_INFO_BUILDER_DATA
> > the default would be used.
> >
> > comments?
> Basically my thoughts ;) It would for sure be language bindings friendly,
> as it would allow to use the full customization without the need for every
> class using app-helper to mirror the four different APIs.
> And it basically makes too, because UIBuilderData describes the meaning
> of UIInfo items, so it should not be seperated. (Basically, without
> the BuilderData, there is no way to interpret GnomeUIInfos correctly,
> so the BuilderData should travel along the UIInfo ;) )

OK, I've commited this to CVS. I've done some checking and it seems OK
to me, but I guess some more wouldn't hurt...

should any of the existing gnome_app_create_*() functions be considered
obsolete now? at least _with_data() seems useful.



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