Re: PLANNED PROJECT: GTK/Gnome CDR burning program


On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, andy wrote:

> Hi all, 
> I was just wondering if anyone was planning or working on a
> GTK/Gnome program to burn CDRs.  If not I am going to do
> it.  I plan on using Perl/GTK.  It is basically a GUI
> interface for mkisofs and cdrecord.

Great. This is really needed. I think I have read on the xcdroast page,
that xcdroast will be rewritten in gtk. But I'm not sure. 

I thought about using the MidnightCommander for this task. If you can pack
archives, then you can although prepare cd images with mkisofs. 

And third. Please don't use the style and layout of xcdroast. It isn't
very convinient. E.g. try to make a copy from a audio CD. You have to
go through to many dialogs. 


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