Re: gnome mdi dnd problem / GnomeUIInfo wrapping problem.

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998, Jaka Mocnik wrote:

> Andreas Kostyrka wrote:
> > What about a GNOME_UI_INFO_BUILDER_DATA entry? Then all the different
> > versions of create_menus become obsolete, and the GnomeUIInfo array is
> > self contained?
> this seems like a nice idea to me - for both menus and toolbars. and
> gnome-app-helper.c could easily be patched to do this.
> each GNOME_UI_INFO_BUILDER_DATA entry's GnomeUIBuilderData structure
> would be valid until next GNOME_UI_INFO_BUILDER_DATA entry or the end of
> tree. for entries that arent't preceded by a GNOME_UI_INFO_BUILDER_DATA
> the default would be used.
> comments?
Basically my thoughts ;) It would for sure be language bindings friendly,
as it would allow to use the full customization without the need for every
class using app-helper to mirror the four different APIs.
And it basically makes too, because UIBuilderData describes the meaning
of UIInfo items, so it should not be seperated. (Basically, without
the BuilderData, there is no way to interpret GnomeUIInfos correctly,
so the BuilderData should travel along the UIInfo ;) )


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