RE: IDE, IDL feedback needed.

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> Hi,
> On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, John R Sheets wrote:
> > > By active I mean that the application is running in  some kind of
> > > virtual machine (tricky), so that the IDE has an active role when
> > > testing/buidling the app. With passive I
> > > mean that the IDE only compiles/edits.
> > 
> > So the active IDE "swallows" the component applications (e.g.
> > editor, debugger, browser)?  The IDE pulls all the levers and
> > pushes all the buttons to make the application do what the IDE
> > wants it to do?  How does active vs. passive affect the amount of
> > modifications you'd have to do to the components (emacs, DDD,
> > etc.)?
> I thought he meant, that he wants to break the odd process of 
>   editing - compiling - testing - editing - compiling - testing -.. 
> in the way, that the whole code is interpreted in the same moment as
> you
> type it and functional code is added to the virtual machine.
> This all sounds like MOON. Moon is a programming language written by a
> PhD
> Markus Dahm at our Institut. It is based on NatOOF (natural language
> object oriented forth)  and provides a virtual machine where you can
> write
> code in a natural language, interprete it and BOOM, it is available in
> the
> virtual machine and can be executed. You can overload instance methods
> create new one, and so on.  For those interested, there is a
> interactive
> tutorial on our WWW-Server (You will need a plugin, that is only
> available
> wor Win95/NT). And I think, that it is in german. I have to say, that
> I
> never used this language. So donīt ask me. But if this can be done
> with C,
> too, that would be a great chalange. 
> For mor information see:
> Dirk
	That's sounds great but it isn't what I mean. The languages
should also be abstracted here, so the IDE shouldn't know about whether
you're coding in C/C++ Perl, Pascal, Basic ;) etc... The objects you
code should be glued together using CORBA. That means that a compiler is
somekind of plugin for the IDE.

	Looks like we all want an IDE revolution but don't have the
"balls" to start a project (at least I don't ;)


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