Re: IDE, IDL feedback needed.


On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, John R Sheets wrote:

> > By active I mean that the application is running in  some kind of
> > virtual machine (tricky), so that the IDE has an active role when
> > testing/buidling the app. With passive I
> > mean that the IDE only compiles/edits.
> So the active IDE "swallows" the component applications (e.g.
> editor, debugger, browser)?  The IDE pulls all the levers and
> pushes all the buttons to make the application do what the IDE
> wants it to do?  How does active vs. passive affect the amount of
> modifications you'd have to do to the components (emacs, DDD,
> etc.)?

I thought he meant, that he wants to break the odd process of 

  editing - compiling - testing - editing - compiling - testing -.. 

in the way, that the whole code is interpreted in the same moment as you
type it and functional code is added to the virtual machine.

This all sounds like MOON. Moon is a programming language written by a PhD
Markus Dahm at our Institut. It is based on NatOOF (natural language
object oriented forth)  and provides a virtual machine where you can write
code in a natural language, interprete it and BOOM, it is available in the
virtual machine and can be executed. You can overload instance methods
create new one, and so on.  For those interested, there is a interactive
tutorial on our WWW-Server (You will need a plugin, that is only available
wor Win95/NT). And I think, that it is in german. I have to say, that I
never used this language. So donīt ask me. But if this can be done with C,
too, that would be a great chalange. 

For mor information see:


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