Re: Mico 2.0.5 configure problem

>     I have a big problem with compiling the mico 2.0.5.  When I run
> "configure --enable-gtk" after run ./, I always got this
> message.
> ./configure: syntax error near unexpected token `AM_PATH_GTK(,,{'
> ./configure: ./configure: line 2576: `  AM_PATH_GTK(,,{ echo
> "configure: error: GTK not installed" 1>&2; exit 1; })'
> ...
>      Please help me, I spend many days on this problem...

This looks like a problem I was having with glib.  GTK and now
glib ship with a file called gtk.m4 (and possibly glib.m4).  These
must go in your aclocal directory (mine is /usr/local/share/aclocal)
which should already have some m4 files in it.  There is an option
to automatically install these files when installing GTK, but my
gnome prefix is /share/sdh/gnome not /usr/local where autoconf
is intstalled.

This is all assuming that you have installed gtk already.

I spent a while yesterday trying to figure this one out and found
absolutely no mention of the problem on the gnome list or site,
maybe there was traffic on the gtk lists, but the June archive
isn't available.

Hope this helps,


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