Re: Can someone explain SGML to me?

Bud Rogers <> writes:

> Todd Graham Lewis <> writes:
> > How does one write SGML docs?  Do you just have to know the tags and
> > fire up vi, or is there a wysiwig environ like lyx?  The former, right?
> If you're comfortable with [X]emacs, there is a fairly decent sgml
> mode.

This is true -- although not very friendly for a first-time user, SGML 
mode is very powerful and amazingly complete in its abilities.  For
example, it is capable of parsing shorttags.

However, SGML mode will not obviate the need to know the tags you
intend to use.  If you are looking for a "WYSIWYG" interface towards a 
specific SGML application, sgml-mode is not your cup of tea.

Hrvoje Niksic <> | Student at FER Zagreb, Croatia
Union break!

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