Can someone explain SGML to me?

I'm rewriting the FAQ from the ground up, and I need info on SGML.

How does one write SGML docs?  Do you just have to know the tags and
fire up vi, or is there a wysiwig environ like lyx?  The former, right?

Which SGML toolset should people use?  The LDP's sgml-tools is linuxdoc-
based, and so is worthless to us, since we're using DocBook, yes?

Who "owns" the GNOME documentation system?  I.e., to whom can I point
people who mail me with questions concerning writing documentation?

Muchas gracias, mis migos, y una mas cerveza, por favor.  (This is all
the spanish I know.  8^)

Todd Graham Lewis       Manager of Web Engineering    (800) 719-4664, x2804
******Linux******         MindSpring Enterprises

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