Re: About panel and paging [Was 4 questions]

> > > Also in fvwm, if the panel is at the bottom, the paging doesn't work and
> > > it won't scroll down (or whereever the panel is).
> > 
> > True, this is a bug.  Whether it is a bug in FVWM or gnome-panel has (to
> > my knowledge) yet to be explored.  My suspicion is that it is a bug in
> > FVWM, since the EdgeScroll feature gets flaky when other windows (eg.
> > Netscape) are right up against the edge of the screen.
> 	I *think* this has to do with the way the panel is mapped onto the
> screen.  I don't remember the name of the hint, but it bypasses the Window
> Manager completely and thus fvwm can't capture the mouse event.  :^)

That might be, some other apps also do that (eg, X11amp, which doesn't
have window managers borders) Just a thought: can the gnome panel in any
(easy) way be moved one pixel up (depending of course where the panel is)?
Then the WM could capture the mouse movement on the lowest pixel line.

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