Re: Four questions, mainly about window managers.

Hope you don't mind if I butt in here.

>> Third, how can I add/edit the entries in the main menu in the panel? I
>> have tried to find a file with these, but with no success.
>I am not sure, but I think you can add entries by putting a desktop
>entry in %prefix/share/apps/<filename>.desktop.  For example, on my
>system, where GNOME is installed under /usr, I have a
>/usr/share/apps/gnome-help.desktop file that would make a good starting
>point to look at.

I'm currently working on a menu editor called gmenu. It's stable on my
system anyway. It allows you to create and delete the panel's menu
entries. And to order them if you have a recent compile of the panel.

If you have CVS access, it's under gnome-core/gmenu. Warning: the
CVS version is about to undergo a heavy rewrite. So sometime soon
it's going to get really unstable. (Hint: get it now ;)

There is also a copy and screenshot of v0.2.4 on my web site at:

or to just download it get:


John Ellis <>

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